Proud JobsNOW and GED Graduates

Continuing Education. Lifelong learning. Life-changing results.

Continuing Education at Forsyth Tech can mean many things: learning a new language to fulfill a goal, learning new skills to get a better job, learning basic skills to have more opportunities, or doing all of these. Continuing education is just what it says — education that continues as long as you want to keep growing, expanding and achieving.

CareersNow Vocational Training can provide the basic skills needed to enter the workforce in over a dozen different areas, including carpentry, masonry, pharmacy assistant, medical office, nursing assistant, and many more.

Health and Safety Career Training programs prepare you to take certification examinations and qualify for entry-level positions in healthcare institutions and agencies, allowing you to enter one of today’s fastest-growing career fields.

Medical and Human Service Programs prepare you for Medical/Clerical positions in  hospitals, retail pharmacies and physicians offices, allowing you to enter one of today’s fastest-growing career fields.

Trade Skills courses offer training for those who want to start a career, as well as refresher courses for professionals preparing for an upcoming license renewal or licensing examination.

GED/Adult High School are options for those who left high school before earning a diploma and want to complete their high school education.

Basic Skills/English as a Second Language allow you to develop better math or reading skills or become more fluent in English in order to expand your career opportunities.

Basic Skills courses are designed for those who need to finish their primary education. Programs include Adult Basic Education, Adult High School, GED, English as a Second Language and Compensatory Education.

Career Readiness Certificate is an assessment tool that allows you to show a potential or current employer that you have the math, reading and information gathering skills needed to meet specific job requirements.

Skills Assessment testing provides you with the information you need to find the right job and your employer with the information needed to find the right job for you.

Human Resource Development can help you develop the skills needed to find a job, including résumé writing, interview skills, basic computer skills and more

JobLink Center offers two locations to provide resources for those seeking a job, a better job or a new career.

Driving School Courses are designed to help keep you – and others – safe on the highway.

Motorcycle Safety Education classes provide an introduction to the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycling for beginners and help sharpen skills for experienced riders.

Human Resource Management Education offers courses and an HR certificate that will equip you with the requisite skills, tools and knowledge to effectively deal with human resource issues arising in your organization.

Certified EHR Specialist. Medical Offices will soon use Electronic Health Records for all patient information. The process of changing from paper records to electronic records begins now and must be done by 2014 per the Federal Government.

EMT/Firefighter Courses – If you are a professional EMT or firefighter, you can take classes necessary to maintain specific skills or certifications at Forsyth Tech.

Fire Academy is an intense19-week program that uses real life scenarios and conditions to prepare firefighters for the challenges they will face.

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