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Forsyth Tech Degree Program Success Stories

Meet some real students, find out where a degree at Forsyth Tech can take you…

For Kyle Nichols, who enrolled at Forsyth Tech at 14, the path led to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

For college transfer student Andrew Buckles, the destination was UNC-Chapel Hill.

For Lindsey Butner, another college transfer student, the journey that began at Forsyth Tech has taken her to North Carolina A&T where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

For college transfer student, Oscar Alonzo, a degree in Business Administration will allow him to advance in his company.

For current student Lindsey Candelaria, discovering a passion for working on cars has lead to a dream of someday owning her own business.

Make the right choice and go to Forsyth Tech, because from here you can go almost anywhere.