Six Sigma & Lean

The principles behind Six Sigma quality control and Lean Manufacturing have revolutionized manufacturing in the last two decades. Forsyth Tech has classes on a wide variety of topics, listed below, that can help you learn and apply these ideas to your business.


This course will enhance students’ awareness of the principles behind the 5Ss and identify the impact that the 5Ss can have on improving efficiencies and promoting safe working environments.  5S can be used in laying the groundwork for ISO registration and other quality initiatives.  Students will learn a disciplined approach to deploy 5S that can result in immediate improvement in organizational efficiency and overall performance.

Course Code: 85047        Cost: $75
Date:  August 14 (Th), 8am-Noon
Location:  West Campus, Room 12

Process Mapping/Value Stream Mapping

Process mapping techniques can be used to identify value added and non-value added activities in any setting:  logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, HR, customer service, etc.  During this course, we will explore how to determine value added benefits in each process step by mapping the current state of operations.  All inputs and outputs are captured, and non-value activity (waste) is identified to later be eliminated or minimized.  Students will then develop a future map to identify a “lean” process that maximizes efficiencies and reduces costs.

Course Code: 85046  Cost:  $110
Dates:  August 5-7, T/Th  8am-Noon
Location:  West Campus, Room 12

Six Sigma Green Belt

This course is designed to certify participants in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program.  This certification program will equip Green Belt candidates with tools required to support Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects in their organizations and ensure technical competence in the key Six Sigma disciplines.  Upon completion, students will be knowledgeable in the five stages of the DMAIC model, and be able to use fundamental process improvement tools in each stage of the Lean Six Sigma process.  As a component of the course, statistical software will be used to analyze data.  Certification is awarded upon successful completion of a comprehensive final exam and completion of a Green Belt project.  Cost of class includes student materials.

Course Code: 85193  Cost:  $1500
Dates:  August 19-October 30, T/Th,  6-9:30pm
Location:  Grady Swisher Center, Room 203

Using A3 to Unlock Your Problem Solving Mind

Training within industry stressed utilizing people to the best of their abilities.  Understanding the A3 Problem Solving Methodology helps employees develop their problem solving skills, leading not only to improved profits, quality, productivity, safety and delivery, but also to a culture that understands the value of developing people at every level.  A3 Problem Solving can be used by workers at every level of an organization.

Course Code:  85049  Cost:  $110
Date:  Aug 19-21, T/Th, 8am-Noon
Location:  West Campus, Room 12

Other Services Available:

The Kaizen Blitz

Let our experienced Six Sigma Black Belts lead or assist with your next Kaizen event.  You can gain foundational information needed to understand, plan and implement kaizen blitzes. Such events are opportunities to make focused improvement changes in the workplace. This multi-day, onsite training event takes participants through the critical steps in conducting a very effective kaizen event – one that is well planned, well implemented and well documented.

Simulated Work Environment (SWE)

The Simulated Work Environment (SWE) is an 8 hour, hands-on workshop that teaches continuous improvement methods in a simulated vehicle assembly process.  Based on the concepts of the Toyota Production System, teams build or take apart truck cabs in a miniature factory setting.  Working as teams, problems are solved, and root cause issues are eliminated, while working safely and making it right the first time.  As quality and safety issues are eliminated, velocity goes up and costs go down during the three production runs.  The SWE is also a powerful teambuilding tool that unites a group, develops team problem solving skills and improves overall creativity skills. To schedule a SWE for your employees, please contact Dianne Mounce at 336.734.7732 or

Other Courses Available Include:

  • JIT (Just-In-Time)
  • Pull Production
  • Standard Work
  • Mistake Proofing/Poka-Yoke
  • Quick Changeovers (SMED)
  • Work Cells
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Kanban
  • Identifying Waste

For more information on Process Improvement Courses, please contact Barry Self at or 336.734.7766