Campus Safety

The safety of our students, staff and faculty is a primary concern. The Forsyth Tech Campus Police Department is a fully sanctioned law enforcement agency and sworn officers have full powers of arrest pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 115D-21.1.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Campus Police Department is to serve the Forsyth Tech community by preserving peace, order and a safe educational environment; upholding the policies of Forsyth Tech; and enforcing local, state and federal laws.

Forsyth Tech Emergency Procedures Guide

Campus Police Services

The Campus Police Department is responsible for law enforcement, security and emergency response at Forsyth Tech. This involves many different services.

Crime Awareness & Prevention

Forsyth Tech offers a variety of self-defense classes, as well as crime prevention tips and on-campus crime statistics.

Student Alcohol & Drug Policy

Forsyth Tech’s code of conduct prohibits the use, possession, sale, or transportation of any narcotic, drug, alcoholic beverage, or any other controlled substance as defined in the North Carolina General Statutes. A drug free workplace policy must be signed by all employees. Forsyth Tech’s code of conduct also prohibits the use or possession of weapons and dangerous instrumentalities as defined in the North Carolina General Statutes.

Traffic Rules and Regulations

Parking on Main Campus is often limited and there is strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

These additional services are also provided:

  • Day and night patrolling of all campus buildings, grounds, and parking lots
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Safety inspections for hazards, needed repairs, burned-out lights, etc. which are reported to the Forsyth Tech Maintenance Department
  • Enforcement of all Forsyth Tech parking rules
  • Weekend and holiday security checks
  • Registration and parking permits/decals for faculty, staff, and student vehicles
  • Assistance with motor vehicle problems
  • Lost and found articles

Title IX Policies and Procedures

Have questions about campus safety?

Check out our Capmus Safety FAQ.